Art and Furniture

Furniture and decor supports your works of art.














I couldn't resist sharing this photograph of an incredibly appealing interior design.

I love this room and space.

It got me thinking about furniture placement in relation to your art.

Several years ago Pangaea of Pangaea Interior Design (a west coast US firm) wrote a great article in Houzz about design strategies for art lovers. 

Her message is simple and echoes what I always recommend to my clients. 

Only buy artwork that you love and means something to you,

Not with the goal of matching your decor or furniture.

Your decor can be planned around the art.

Of course artists far and wide would all agree that great art completely stands on its own and shouldn't have anything to do with your decor.

"The simple fact [is that] your art will always look better and have greater impact in [a] space when the decor supports the art."

In this example the painting would look great without anything around it.  However, 

"The wavy bench underlines the artwork and gives it emphasis,

The same as underlining a word in a sentence".

Decor elements that are drawn from the art or repeated in a room...

Move your eye around the space, highlighting the art.

In this case the beautiful celadon/light-blue is repeated in the bench and small blocks going up the stairway wall.

The end result is harmony in the space, beautifully designed.

So what do you do if you didn't start your room design with art?

(You are definitely among the majority of art buyers.)


Well, you search for the right piece...




This statement is easier said than done.

But you have choices…


Literally millions of choices…


No easy task...


But there are quick ways to narrow down the options.


Review your room décor and pick out colours and elements you really love.


Consider the shape, size, colour and style of the furniture that will be below your art.


Measure the wall space above the furniture piece, considering space around the painting.


Don’t forget about the space a frame may cover.


Make a list of criteria.


You have now got some specifications you are looking for…


Colour, style, shape, composition elements and size.


I encourage you to buy art from artists or galleries and agents in your community, supporting local creativity is always the best choice.


If you can’t find what you want locally, then next search artists from your own country.


To reduce the overwhelming plethora of choices and amount of time you will spend, consider getting some help.


I am happy to announce that I will soon be launching a helpful and quick 1-hour telephone ArtStyling Planning Session for $1 CAD that includes a customized ArtStyling Plan you can take away to quickly find and buy on your own the art you love that works in your space.


Why am I doing this?  This is how I get clients at SavvyArt Consulting.  This is how I teach people just like you how to style their homes with art so they experience the joy of living with great art.


Until I get my automated calendar set up, send me a quick email if you would like to schedule an art styling planning session for only $1 CAD. Send to or call (416) 464-0815.


If you get value from the session, GREAT,

Only AFTER the session you pay $97 for the advice, guidance and ArtStyling Plan.  


You can run with the ArtStyling Plan and I wish you all the best finding art in the right way with a great resource. 


Plus I have a satisfaction guarantee. If you feel like your time was wasted and you didn't get any value, you only pay the $1 CAD and will not pay another cent.


If you loved the value you received and wish to speed up your art search and get one-on-one support and direction,

We’ll set up another meeting time to discuss your project in detail for $260 CAD.

I’ll do the art search for you, provide you curated options and complete your buy-art project with custom framing, delivery and installation services.

I’ll explain my full suite of services at the beginning so there are no surprises and you decide what works best for you.


You deserve to live in a wonderful space with art that means something to you and looks great in your space. 

If you would like to change your home environment for the better, isn't it worth $1 CAD to give it a try?

The world is a crazy place so your home is your sanctuary.  The health benefits of good art and design are widely reported.  Google it!




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