Featured Artist: Annie Rodrigue

Annnie Rodrigue’s works of art are such of soft poetry where, in certain darker even sinister parts...

Surge words, letters, phrases from a dreamed up language, brushed on the canvas, suggesting an experience both literary and pictorial.

annie rodrigue, canadian abstract painter

Annie's Message:

[As a] Former art teacher, I now entirely dedicate myself to my career as a painter.

I set forth expressive and original abstract contemporary works of arts which point out in a very special way my authenticity and my creative impulse.

Painting has been to me a way of expressing what I could [not] say with words.

I thus freed myself from some inner agitations.

To me, creating has become a way of living, a need.

Therefore, Art becomes [a] liberator through the instinctive and expressive gesture.


The quality and originality of my work improve[s] day after day because of the confidence brought to me by the public and galleries’ responses.

To create depth on the canvas, I try new techniques, such as...

Scraping, which magnifies the depth on the canvas and suggests something secret, something left unsaid, and explore overlapping or washed paint. 

Drippings, wash drawings, printing with objects, and scribbling are also preliminary researches that rapidly became my art style.

But I always have in mind my main objective...

To create a variety of feelings by expressing my own emotions and this, by capitalizing on a balanced composition, enhanced with light and transparency.

annie rodrigue, Quebec abstract artist

Prior to expressing my emotions, I put the finishing touch to my technique year after year.

I have worked very hard to develop my potential and thus discover a style which is mine.

I now can more easily convey my emotions in my paintings due to the movement and the depth of the colours put on canvas.

They transform themselves to become to my image, colourful, spontaneous and dynamic.


I paint by instinct, letting go of my emotions that become the motor of my expression and spontaneity.

I use dripping in my paintings to amplify this expressiveness.

That defines my work like a kind of signature.

Dripping is also a way of structuring my spatial organization.


My work becomes a mythical and mysterious staging.

Each and every work controls its space that becomes its own world, its own place.

The rhythmical nuances that catch the light and the depth, found by black areas, give the impression that a dialogue is taking place between the spectator and the paintings they are looking at.


We could believe in the meanders of a landscape but, it’s only the unpremeditated interpretation of a figurative idea that takes other forms in space.

Gesture, depth and composition remind us of a volcano of emotions.

annie rodrigue, canadian abstract artist, lives in Quebec

I will continue to explore that avenue, constantly looking for poetry, balance and sensations and defining more and more my pictorial language.

I constantly discover myself through the essence of my paintings and... 

I even surprise myself in improving my personality as well as my technique.


Here's a link to see Annie's artwork.

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