Featured Artist: Darlene Winfield, Canadian Representational Artist, Fresh Landscapes

  1. Artist Name.   Tell us about yourself; maybe a bit about your upbringing.   Where did you grow up?

Darlene J. Winfield.  I grew up in the Toronto area and have traveled the world.


Darlene Winfield, Canadian representational artist

  1. How did your background shape you as an artist?

I have always loved drawing and dreamed of being an artist since childhood.


  1. Do you collect anything?   What are your hobbies?

I collect lladro [porcelain sculptures] and other precious pieces from many countries.  I would love to be an art collector!


  1. Where do you produce your art? Home studio?   Kitchen?

I have a home studio.


  1. What fascinates or inspires you?

The ability to create and have someone fall in love with my work!  It is just an unimaginable feeling of joy. 


  1. What art form and/or artist is your favourite?

My love of art has a range and at times I find abstract tickles my imagination and yet, painters like John Singer Sargent absolutely take my breath away.


  1. Please give us some insight into your creative process?

I generally go to places and also search my photos until a landscape touches something in me.  Often, I can see it before I have painted it. I will lay it all out in my mind’s eye while the white canvas is on the easel.


Onward 40 x 40 by Darlene Winfield

  1. Did you have an inspirational teacher and how did that affect you?

I believe that taking art history courses and visiting museums were my catalyst.


  1. Tell us about the first artwork you sold.

The first piece of artwork I sold was an 8 x 10 flower painting.  My elderly neighbour had a friend over and I tried to give it to her when she admired it.  She turned to me and said absolutely not!  You will take this money.  I attended the Art School in Amsterdam and I can tell you, you will be selling for a lot more soon!  She was right. I will never forget her.


  1. Is there any main goal that you want to accomplish with your art?

I will continue to create and challenge myself while creating my brand for galleries and the people who love art.


  1. Do you have any/ what are your pet peeves related to the art world/market?

I have pet peeves, however, best kept to myself.


  1. What are you currently working on?  What do you plan to tackle next?

I am currently working on a series, which is Muskoka and Algonquin area based.  I work in representational style and have recently added a little more color to my work.  Great to explore.


Cocoon 48 x 48 by Darlene Winfield

  1. What can you say about your work that might not be evident to the viewer?

My work generally carries a message in the titles.  All work is created with an energy and message in each piece relating to life as I experience it.







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