Your Favourite Colour

Whatever colour is your favourite, picture it in your mind in various forms – on a wall, piece of clothing, round ball, bucket, fruit or candle stick.  Whatever you have in mind, I find this small practice is fun to do and helps reduce stress.


Why do you like that colour in particular?


What is it about that colour that makes it your favourite?


Maybe it is how the colour makes you feel.


It is true that colours make you feel things; in fact, colours and feelings are linked. 


Allison Gremillion, a San Francisco based advocate of design and psychology, writes about how colours make you feel. She writes, “…different colours can affect emotions...”


Let’s go deeper to find out more about your favourite colour, the emotions and feelings it can evoke. Click on the colour to see the painting.


“Red makes you feel passionate and energized… being the warmest and most dynamic of the colours.”  Red is also a colour of opposites – “passion and love versus anger and danger” – and can actually elevate a person’s heart rate. 


“Orange makes you feel energized and enthusiastic…and enhances a feeling of vitality and happiness. It draws attention and shows movement but not as overpowering as red.  Think aggressive but balanced, portraying energy that is inviting and friendly.”


“Yellow makes you feel happy and spontaneous… and is associated with laughter, hope and sunshine.  Think optimistic and cheerful, energetic but comforting.”


“Green makes you feel optimistic and refreshed… and symbolises health, new beginnings and wealth. Green can make you feel relaxed and calm.”


“Blue makes you feel safe and relaxed… and evokes feelings of calmness and spirituality as well as security and trust.”  Allison states that the colour blue causes the body to create chemicals that are calming.


“Purple makes you feel creative… and is associated with mystery, creativity, royalty and wealth. Lighter shades of purple often soothe or calm the viewer and exhibits luxury and romance.”


“Pink makes you feel playful and romantic… and also represents femininity, romance, tenderness and sensitivity.  Think sweet, cute and charming.”


“Brown makes you feel down to earth… and creates a sense of stability and support. It’s warm and friendly, practical, dependable, well established and sometimes old fashioned.”


“Black makes you feel sophisticated and serious… evokes power, luxury, elegance, professionalism and simplicity, plus maybe a little mystery.” On the flip side it is also the colour of mourning, fear and sadness, even intimidating.


“White makes you feel pure, fresh and clean... evokes purity and innocence. Often the look of minimalism emphasizing a simple, clean and modern aesthetic.”


“Gray feels serious and professional… evokes feelings of formality and dependability, safe and subdued, serious and reserved.” Gray has a negative side, being “overly conservative, conventional and lacking in emotion.”


Did you gather any insight about your favourite colour?


Are you an optimistic (green or yellow) or passionate person (red), playful (orange or pink), have a serious nature (black), or crave security (blue), stability (brown) and formality (gray)?  Maybe you are playful and romantic (pink) or creative with a spiritual side (blue purple).


Your favourite colour tells you something about yourself.


Maybe that’s why some of us choose such an elaborate colour as our favourite; because we are drawn toward a colour that evokes more than just one feeling we prioritize.


Reach out with any questions about your favourite colour. 


I hope you are taking advantage of this gift of time with positive actions for yourself.





P.S. My favourite colour is Lapis Blue, short for Lapis Lazuli. It’s a purple blue.


March 26, 2020