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Eric Ranveau was born in 1966 in Chateauneuf-sur-Charente near the wine district of Cognac, France, and raised in Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire. He studied fine arts in Angouleme, France, and at the National Art School of Paris, France. His career as an artist started in 1989; his unique style attracted the public eye and gave him the opportunity to establish a following and to have collections represented in France, Canada, Germany and Sweden. Eric left Cognac in 2006, came to Canada, his wife’s native country and with a new perspective and influence from Canada has continued his art career in Hamilton, Ontario. His unique style of work was immediately embraced by art communities, which afforded him many opportunities to be approached by recognized galleries and art collectors within Canada and abroad. Eric recognizes that his art is a lifetime evolution and continues to seek inspiration, guidance and teachings under other known and prolific artists such as Lila Lewis Irving. 

Trying numerous mediums and various techniques, he has chosen to pursue his art with acrylic on canvas; but he still misses the scent of the oil paint that he used many years ago. His work is constantly evolving with a strength and confidence which one art critic described as “looking at the brilliance of mother nature through a kaleidoscope” and another describing it as “shattered.” Eric has transitioned this style in enhancing his paintings while here in Canada, which are highly influenced by the great Canadian Masters of the early twentieth century.

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