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Gloria Blatt a graduate of the prestigious Communications and Design program at the Ontario College of Art (OCAD), is an accomplished and highly regarded abstract artist. Born in Toronto she inspired by the dynamic and fast paced city that has provided a back drop for many of her pieces. Her style has evolved over the years into abstracts that are colourful, textured and dynamically vibrant.

Gloria is able to express incredible movement and energy on canvas giving life to the most exrodinairly created natural and urban settings. Aside from the inspiration she gets from her own city and travels, Glorai's art speaks to her favourite artists; Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dale, Rothko, Haring and Bush.
Behind the scenes for Gloria's paintings is her talent for choosing and mixing colours, textures and different types of paint (acrylic, oil, spray paint and enamels) so that each canvas is truly unique. Buyers and collectors of her work admire the bold colours and free flowing designs that have come to represent Gloria's signature style.
In the early 2000's Gloria jumped at the opportunity to gain international exposure by turning to social media marketing, and for the past 15 years, has achieved great success focusing on direct to consumer sale of her artwork. Gloria is passionate about re-connecting with her community, and is now displaying her artwork in local galleries.

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