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Kemi Sijuwade is an award winning high end cabinet millwork designer in Mississauga Ontario.

Kemi graduated from university of Lagos, Nigeria with a B.E.S (Environmental Studies) and a B (Arch).  After graduating Kemi launched a very successful career in London UK specializing in custom kitchen and bath design and ultimately ended up in Ontario Canada.

Kemi's art, a collection of controversial thought provoking  artworks was birthed during the lockdown of 2020.  Though Kemi has always had a flair for art, she never truly explored this side of herself until all the the world shut down and she could finally hear herself. 

Kemi's passion for creativity for and design is a tool which she leans on to deliver excellent service to her clients whilst inspiring great joy and happiness throughout the entire creative process.  This is at the heart of who she is and is the foundation of everything she does both professionally and personally.


Click on image for more details about the art. Optional payment plans available. Click here for details.