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Sanjay Patel is an abstract fine artist from Oakville, living in Hamilton.


Sanjay believes abstract art should be relatable and loves producing commissioned art for clients to create original work that is representative of who they are, while still capturing the essence of his unique style. He is happiest when his clients can relate to the work and find meaning on a deeply personal level. Sanjay’s inspiration comes from the people he meets, the environment he finds himself in, the energy of the crowds around him, serene landscapes and busy cityscapes.


One of the most active areas of Sanjay’s career is his Live Painting appearances. Sanjay has produced live art for almost 100 festivals, grand openings, corporate events and private parties. A natural connector who loves people, Sanjay’s work is inspired by those around him, which works well for live painting and delights the people who enjoy watching him work.

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