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Ernie Francis was trained in Visual Communications, Design and Illustration at the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland).  After graduation he continued to live and work in Belfast as a graphic designer and illustrator.  He moved to Toronto in 1978, working as a Senior Designer and Art Director, in publishing, corporate communications and packaging design for Canada's biggest and best design agencies, leading the creative for numerous large companies.

His style is broadly eclectic because of the very different influences that shape his approach to establishing a visual and aesthetic sense - frome heavily Classical tradition to the contemporary, the viewer will see his influences manifest in a wide range of subject matter from still life, nature to figurative work, sometimes mashed up against calligraphy rendered with the rough boldness and immediacy of graffiti.

His works are in private collections in Ireland, England, Holland, Singapore, South America, United States and Canada.  He has lectured at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) and Mohawk College and consults and paints full time.

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