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The Deets!

Experience a working art studio art event!


Join us for an extraordinary Open House showcasing the incredible talent

of talented Canadian artists (see below).

Get ready to immerse yourself in

a world of creativity, passion, and captivating artworks that will

leave you in awe.

Two day event! 

Friday, September 15, 2023 - 3 pm to 7 pm

Saturday, September 16, 2023 - 11 am to 1 pm

Indulge your senses as you explore a curated collection of artwork that represents the diverse and

vibrant artists of Canada - abstracts, mixed media and oil paintings of Canadian rocks!

Each artist brings their unique vision and style, capturing the essence of their experience and inspirations.

Discover the power of contemporary art and how it can move you and make you

feel emotionally connected to it. Interested in buying a piece? You'll experience

the positive presence that only art you connect with can bring into your home. 

We’ll host your journey as you consider that possibility.

Whether you are a seasoned art collector or a curious enthusiast, this Open House is

an opportunity not to be missed. Take this chance to engage with the artists themselves,

gain insight into their creative process, and even acquire a piece that speaks to your heart.

So mark your calendars,

gather your friends, and join us for

this free event on

Friday, September 15, 2023 - 3 pm to 7 pm

Saturday, September 16, 2023 - 11 am to 1 pm


It's a joyful experience in the world of Canadian art hosted by SavvyArt Market.


Let the talents of these inspiring artists captivate and enrich your life.


Together, let's celebrate the beauty of Canadian art!

RSVP now to secure a spot at this unmissable event. 

Tell us how many in your party and which day you plan to attend.

If you are interested in a particular artwork or artist feel free to mention that.

We are a dynamic boutique gallery so space is limited.


We can't wait to welcome you to an art experience like no other!

Donna Wise

World renowned abstract painter, also exhibiting in September in Milan, Italy for Fashion Week! 

Cathy Groulx

Talented master painter creating incredible oil paintings of nature using the old world masters' technique.

Shown in over 400 exhibitions her work is widely acclaimed.

Susan Weisz

Mixed media artist with innovative techniques on white backgrounds, sporting bold colours and

a contemporary glossy finish. We are featuring her smaller artworks.




There is lots of free parking in the parking lot for the building.

Our Location

The building is painted charcoal grey and looks like a condo sales centre. Enter through the door facing Shepherd Road. Go straight through the glass doors and turn left down the hall. Second door on the left is the SavvyArt studio. We are a working art studio. There will be no wet paint.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, Interac E-transfer (send to, VISA and MasterCard for payment. Artwork may be taken home when full payment has been received and confirmed.

Try Before You Buy

We offer Try Before You Buy services to known clients with receipt of credit card credentials, full contact details and home address. For new clients, a deposit may be requested. We reserve the right not to offer this service at our discretion.

Children and Dogs Are Welcome

We LOVE children/pets, often sources for inspiration. Supervised and well-behaved children and dogs are welcome. Respect for all attendees and artworks is our priority. We'll let you know if the visit with your posse is not going well. We invite you to drop by again when the studio is less crowded.

Past Events

July 21, 2023. OPEN HOUSE Art Exhibition

Featuring Wayne Fisher, Denise Greco, Sheryl Keen, Kathleen Potter, Joanne Coughlin

May 12, 2023. OPEN HOUSE Art Exhibition

Featuring Brigitte Nowak, Jasmine Virginia, Joanne Coughlin, Loretta Kaltenhauser and Michael Toole

March 24, 2023. OPEN HOUSE Art Exhibition

Featuring Cleo Lant, Denys Golomenkov, Geraldine Gillingham, Heather Lockhart and Kathleen Potter

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