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Don’t worry about trends! If you love the art, it’s perfect for every season.


Experience a working art studio event!


Adriana Rinaldi

Adriana is an Oakville artist whose career continues to blossom with invitations to group shows, features in art magazines and her art in private collections across the continent. "Life can be stressful and my objective is to offer a mini mental vacation while viewing my artwork. My personal challenge is to share my stories and view of the world. Perhaps if I'm lucky, in a more beautiful and luscious way than real life. I do this using my own photography, my imagination, or bringing photographic elements together until I accomplish my goal.  My subject matter is varied and includes floral (my passion and strength), seashell still life's, still life's, and waterscapes (boats and leaves on pond). I use the Old Masters style mostly, but adapted my own way.


Julia Hacker

Toronto based artist, Julia enjoys North American popularity and celebrates her art sold to collectors in Japan and around the world. "I've been  blessed by the gifts of life, family, kids and art. For me, the painting process is a physical and emotional necessity. Themes include humanity’s intrinsic and inseparable connection to nature and the surrounding environment. From a deep concern for the state of our planet to the beauty of the simple objects, there is no mundane subject matter. I feel my art production is a dynamic part of my life, where my love of paint and the process of experimentation with collage and found objects continues to push me in new directions.  My figurative language is influenced by some of the best XIX and XX century European Art like Klimt, Erte , Leon Bakst and Art Nouveau direction in general."


We have added another suite (#102) to feature all these popular artworks. So drop by to claim your favourite.


There is lots of free parking in the parking lot for the building.

Our Location

The building is painted charcoal grey and looks like a condo sales centre. Enter through the door facing Shepherd Road. Go straight through the glass doors and turn left down the hall. Second door on the left is the SavvyArt studio. We are a working art studio. There will be no wet paint.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, Interac E-transfer (send to for payment, plus VISA and MasterCard with additional 4% fee. Artwork may be taken home when full payment has been received and confirmed.

Try Before You Buy

We offer Try Before You Buy services to known clients with receipt of credit card credentials, full contact details and home address. For new clients, a deposit may be requested. We reserve the right not to offer this service at our discretion.

Children and Dogs Are Welcome

We LOVE children/pets, often sources for inspiration. Supervised and well-behaved children and dogs are welcome. Respect for all attendees and artworks is our priority. We'll let you know if the visit with your posse is not going well. We invite you to drop by again when the studio is less crowded.

Past Events

December 2, 2023. Holiday Pop Up Art Show

Featuring Cleo Lant, Julia Hacker, Wei Yan and Geraldine Gillingham

November 18 and 25, 2023. OPEN HOUSE Art Exhibition

Featuring Wei Yan and Geraldine Gillingham

September 15-16, 2023. OPEN HOUSE Art Exhibition

Featuring Donna Wise, Cathy Groulx, Susan Weisz

July 21, 2023. OPEN HOUSE Art Exhibition

Featuring Wayne Fisher, Denise Greco, Sheryl Keen, Kathleen Potter, Joanne Coughlin

May 12, 2023. OPEN HOUSE Art Exhibition

Featuring Brigitte Nowak, Jasmine Virginia, Joanne Coughlin, Loretta Kaltenhauser and Michael Toole

March 24, 2023. OPEN HOUSE Art Exhibition

Featuring Cleo Lant, Denys Golomenkov, Geraldine Gillingham, Heather Lockhart and Kathleen Potter

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