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Jay Rose Image.jpeg

Born and raised in Toronto, I’ve always had a passion to create. As a child, I grew up surrounded by music, with no toys or cable t.v. to distract my young mind. Most of my time I would draw and write, so within is where I’d disappear out of sight.


As an adult we all get caught up. In the year of 2002, in a broken moment. I took time to rediscover what was lost and what I once knew. I picked up that brush again, it made me feel free again which led me to take part in a few art shows at the ROM, The Scotiabank Caribana “Roots to Rhythm” Art Exhibition of 2008 and also the following year in “Beyond the Rhythm” art show. As well as the “Manifesto”Art Exhibition in 2010.

After personal revelation and reflection my new art emerged, a 3D art which you see here. 

Click on image for more details about the art. Optional payment plans available. Click here for details.

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