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Anthony Saldutto is a Canadian artist who paints landscapes as well as scenery.  Experienced in watercolours and oils for over 30 years, Anthony’s attention to detail is what draws emotion from each piece. His work creates a sense of familiarity and incites a sentimental moment that resonates on a personal level to each viewer.


Although born in Toronto, Anthony, moved to Italy as an infant and then returned at the age of fifteen. It was early in life when he knew that art was very much a part of his ambition. He pursued his talent by studying Graphic Design. 


Law enforcement also attracted his attention influencing his decision to join the Toronto Police Services.  After 30 years of service Anthony is retired and focuses much of his free time on his passion for painting. 

Anthony’s paintings have been reproduced as limited editions and sold throughout Canada and the United States as well as for various charitable organizations. They have been featured in magazines and newspapers and are proudly displayed in private homes, police and government buildings throughout North America and Europe. 


Anthony continues to produce original pieces that represent new experiences as well as portray the inherent beauty of nature in the way he knows best, with his paintbrush.

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