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Your Soul Needs Art Where You Live

Get Help To Make It Easy

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Get the knowledge you need to start, find and buy the art you love! Find out your art style, art terms and where to buy art you love for less. You get:​

  • A custom 1:1 20 mins call with an art stylist

  • Receive our SavvyArt Style Survey to help you zero in on the art that's right for you!



DIT (Do It Together)

When you are short on time and need an expert to point you in the right direction, you can use your expert shopping skills for targeted purchases. Get customized tools and a plan just for your space. You get:

  • One Hour Live Zoom art styling session with Karen Mayer

  • Savvy Art Styling Tool

  • SavvyArt Style Survey

  • 2 Follow Up Coaching Calls 15 mins each


$397 CAD


White Glove

Your time is valuable and you know how much effort it takes to find just the right pieces. Get the time and attention you need to finish your spaces.


We do it all for you so you only have to go to one place. We source photography, textiles, reproductions, art prints and originals (+sculptures) in all mediums, plus arrange for viewings, commissions, studio/gallery visits, delivery and installation from our artists or beyond as required. We specialize in Canadian art with international sourcing available.


From helping you learn your art style preferences to complete art styling plans for your whole home or office to collaborating art creation with you and/or your designer.


$150 CAD Hourly Rate

SavvyArt really is a One-Stop Shop!

People seek art styling services for many reasons: 

  • If you know what you want but don't want to commit all the time searching;

  • If you have no idea what you want and need help getting started;

  • If you need to get your renovation projects over the finish line;

  • If you need help placing art you already have;

  • If you need a really big piece of art;

  • If you've searched for a long time and can't find the right size or dimensions;

  • If you need an expert opinion before you purchase an artwork; or

  • If you would like a plan for your whole house or space to guide future purchases.

Why would you want art styling help? To save time and money.

So you won't buy art that isn't a great fit for you and waste that money.

So you won't waste your money on art that is bad value.

To save your time endlessly searching down internet rabbit holes with no success.

To save your time installing an artwork that doesn't bring you joy or elevate your space.

You have options: you can do it yourself with some quick tips; we can do it together; or, we can completely run your project on your behalf, do site visits, art styling plans, deliveries and installations, including try it before you buy it.


Contact us by clicking the green button or call (647) 558-8185 or email or for immediate response. 

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