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My journey as an artist started like many other artists, in my childhood. I had a love of drawing, painting & creating. I still have a love for design & art. It’s my passion, my joy, my raison d’etre. I pursued an education & career in interior design, specializing in hotel design. I studied design at both Otis/Parsons Art Institute and UCLA. My design career has added to my abilities as an artist, particularly when creating a commission piece. It gave me a background in colour theory, composition and design elements. I started painting on a more serious level after a stroke in 2012. While I have recuperated fully it prompted me to look at my life and journey in a completely new light. I have more gratitude and am blessed to live a life I dreamt of. My work is an expression of color & texture while evoking a sense of movement. My color palettes change, depending on the body of work or my mood. I love to mix acrylic and metallic with different mediums. I have a passion for creating abstracts, often based on landscapes or seascapes. My compositions are a spontaneous reflection of my moods as I inject movement and energy in each of my paintings. I don’t know where my painting will take me as I’ve learned to enjoy the journey and try not think about the destination. Much of my inspiration is from photos I’ve taken in my travels. I strive to create things that didn’t exist before I touched them. I love the creative process whether it’s creating art, designing spaces, renovating old home, playing in my garden or just puttering. An idea or color inspires me as well as the use of materials and techniques. I work mostly with acrylic and sometimes pastels, incorporating various other mediums, to add depth and interest in my art. I’m drawn into the creativity and fascinated by the world around me. Life is a journey and I hope my art draws you in and touches your heart & soul. I hope you enjoy the gallery as much as I’ve enjoyed creating the art. I have a passion for joy and am truly blessed to share my work with you.

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