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Loretta Kaltenhauser

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As a contemporary, award winning artist, Loretta expresses her visions in a spontaneous and direct fashion. Acrylic paint is layered, subtracted and manipulated using palette knives, brushes and scrapers to synthesize an intricate and distinct tableau. Colours and shapes take on an energy of their own and each layer of texture and colour she adds reinterprets her thoughts and emotions. Loretta works with the passion that her motifs, their essence, will stimulate the minds eye of the observer. She is originally from Belleville, Ontario, has lived most of her life in Toronto, and now resides in Cobourg, Ontario with her husband John, also a professional artist. Working at an unsatisfying office career for many years, Loretta felt the need to unleash her creativity, took that first step and resigned. She realized that the Universe, her inner guidance system, was sending her a message and she is so very glad she listened. Loretta has now been creating full time for the last ten years, and in that short time has established herself as an accomplished contemporary artist with collectors in Canada, the United States, the U.K. and Taiwan. As a self taught artist, Kaltenhauser is fearless and approaches her work with respect but without ceremony. Her vision seems unclouded, uncluttered. Perhaps it's her open attitude that allows her a certain freedom. She smiles and notes “ not knowing the rules, I am breaking them all the time.” Over time, but within her own timelines, Kaltenhauser has embraced her abstract style – a style that exudes life and shimmers with colour and textures from the weathered and organic to the sleek and contemporary, and a style that reflects that of an artist who has found her calling.

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