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I am a keen observer of form and light, constantly looking at everything around me, considering the beauty and majesty of objects and people. Beauty is everywhere and I find it by walking into a situation with an open mind and open heart, letting the moments wash over me like a wave waiting for the right moment. There is a ZEN to this. Knowing when you’ve taken the right shot happens between hitting the trigger and releasing it. In that fraction of a second lies the rush I live for. Photography also fosters my love of life-long learning.


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words; that every picture tells a story. Capturing moments, sharing stories through images; that is the joy of a photographer.


I am a self-employed graphic designer/photographer from Mississauga and have been recognized nationally and internationally for my photography. Most recently, I was selected as one of sixty artists by Nikon Canada to be exhibited at the 2019 CONTACT Festival.

Click on image for more details about the art. Optional payment plans available. Click here for details.

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