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All Creation Sings His Praises ll

All Creation Sings His Praises ll

'This unique piece is not how it first appears. After texturizing the canvas, I started with a background of yellows, oranges, reds and greens over the entire surface. The first thing I noticed was that the texture appeared to look like "coral".  Next I saw the face of a sea turtle.  Rather than painting a turtle, I painted the space "around" it so that it would pop out, then I added hilites and shadow, bringing it to life.  Next I saw the scaly texture that represented a fish to me. Using the same technique, one creature at a time this painting evolved.  Before long it was teaming with life as all the sea creatures swam around in their amazing surroundings.' Says Heather of this great piece.

Acrylic Mixed Media Canvas1.5" Depth


More art from Heather Lockhart.

Type: Original
Shape: Rectangle
Orientation: Vertical
Style: Nature, Animal
Colour: Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red

Texture: (0 - None to 5 - Heavy) : 3


Shipping Details: We ship worldwide. Shipping charges are extra, starting at ONE CENT. For destinations in common mainland Canada and USA for small artworks up to 800 square inches (for example up to 20" x 40" or 26" x 30") the cost is only ONE CENT (wahoo!). For all other destinations and artworks larger than 800 square inches the shipping charges are calculated in the shopping cart once you have provided your address. For detailed shipping information, click here or feel free to contact us directly here.


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