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Red Canoe

Red Canoe

Matt Jenkins is a renowned photographer with a deep passion for nature and the Canadian wilderness. With a particular interest in the mountains and the healing effects of nature his photography captures the revitalizing feeling of being in the great outdoors. His bright and lucious landscapes and nature images draw the viewer into a lively and energizing world. 

Photography. Print on fine art paper.

More art from Matt Jenkins.

Type: Limited Edition
Shape: Rectangle
Orientation: Horizontal
Style: Nature, Landscape, Water, Photography
Colour: Black, Grey, Red
Affordable Art

Texture: (0 - None to 5 - Heavy) : 0

Shipping Details: We ship worldwide. Shipping charges are extra, starting at ONE CENT. For destinations in common mainland Canada and USA for small artworks up to 800 square inches (for example up to 20" x 40" or 26" x 30") the cost is only ONE CENT (wahoo!). For all other destinations and artworks larger than 800 square inches the shipping charges are calculated in the shopping cart once you have provided your address. For detailed shipping information, click here or feel free to contact us directly here.

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