The unique beauty of the 30,000 Islands can be traced back to its origins in the Canadian Shield. The granite and igneous bedrocks are the folded remains of ancient mountains, scraped and eroded by glaciers approximately 11,000 years ago. Geologists label the iconic rock of Georgian Bay – Gneiss. The lighter layers are granite-like and have a “salt-and-pepper” texture. This granite texture tells geologists that the rock originated deep in the Earth at very high temperatures and pressures that are near the melting point of rock.


Chromaluxe HD metal prints (ratio: ⅔)

The limited edition, Chromaluxe HD metal prints, have exceptional image clarity and vibrancy. The brilliant resolution and durability results from a special heat press sublimation printing process. These metal prints come with a ready to display framed mounted back.

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Type: Limited Edition

Shape: Rectangle

Orientation: Horizontal

Style: Photography, Landscape, Nature

Colour: Beige, Cream, Red, Blue


Umbrella Islands