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Painting permits the artist to express his or her unique style of work. The opportunities are boundless, limited only by the artist’s imagination. My aim in painting is to explore the creative process. I constantly experiment with different techniques, the goal being to produce paintings that are thought provoking and visually appealing.


Flexibility is one of the aspects that inspires my work. It allows me to choose a creative path while being open to new avenues of expression, breaking free of any rigid rules or expectations. Working with different acrylic mediums constantly provides me with new ideas, from which future paintings originate. Although I enjoy this method of painting, I do not feel constrained by it, therefore allowing me to return to a more controlled method of painting when the desire to do so presents itself. 

Ultimately, I paint because it brings me great pleasure. If I can transfer some of that pleasure to viewers of my art, then I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

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