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Vladimir Kabelik

Vlad by Kate Dockeray.jpeg

As a young man, I met some great photographers who enriched my life not only through their images and darkroom secrets but also through their life philosophy: straightforward and honest. Like all these teachers and friends, I, too, am careful about artist statements, and try to avoid them whenever possible.

Photography has always played an interesting role in my life. It was a beautiful distraction when I needed to concentrate on filmmaking, but it also became a calming force when I didn’t have any movies to make.

Some curators call my collections “dark peace stills,” and I don’t disagree with that label. My photographs keep me alive, because they selflessly heal my soul. They reflect the need for inner peace that contrasts so greatly with the dynamic approach I take to my films. When I walk with my camera in hand, I don’t feel I need to fight for peace and social justice as I did all my life. I wish to be left alone to sniff the colors, shapes, sounds, and smells around me…

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