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Anna Kutishcheva graduated from Sheridan College, the Advanced Illustration program. Anna is a freelance illustrator, writer and fine artist; her illustrations and paintings appeared in MacLean’s, Ocala Style, Niagara Life, American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Arabella and Canadian Brushstroke magazines. Anna's love is outdoors, where she spent most of her childhood fishing, boating and hiking numerous trails in the woods and meadows. Anna is trying to catch the ever-changing shapes of nature, creating a multi-layered breezing landscape, the reality of dreams and stories. “I work quickly and emotionally; usually, finding the right mood, light, and state of balance takes much longer than painting itself. North American nature, its unique unspoiled magic, is my constant source of inspiration. The ancient way – feelings your way through nature: shapes of trees and rocks, shadows and lights - gives an excellent opportunity to express your soul. One day and place it’s cheerful, another - miserable and angry, but is always glorious.” Anna paints in acrylic and has exhibited her works in Canada, the USA, and Europe.

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