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"Heart-Grabbing Memories Important To You? Honour Your Past!"

Bring Your Memories To Life With Expert Custom Restoration NOW!

Catherine Young At Water Square.jpg
Catherine Young bw large cropped

1950's photo


1940's photo

John Young Paper Hat cropped edited part


Memories Celebrated!

Turn back the clock and revisit precious memories with our Heritage Photo Service. From simple dust removal and digital developing, to reconstructing, composites, and colourization, Savvy Art can help! 


Here's what people are saying:

"Wanted you to know how thrilled we are with the photos." 

"Karen takes it to another level." 

"Karen, you did an amazing editing job..."

"It looks amazing. Thank you!  ...His hands are adorable and it’s nice that they were moving."

"We love it!"

"Looks great. There were lots of black spots."

Enjoy Your
Walls and 
Your Family

Heritage photos, like the boys on a bike above, get damaged from long term storage. Photo restoration fixes creases, holes, over exposure and more. 1 hour

Most straight-forward restoration and photo editing requests take approximately 1 hour.

Package deals available for multiples.

•• Example Projects ••

Old photos tend to be small and often times damaged. The plan for this 1940's Boy In Paper Hat photo was to print it 12.5" h x 10" w, which is a very large photo. You see how so many tiny white marks had to be repaired and filled in before the image could be enlarged and printed. 3 hours

Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 3.49.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 3.28.07 PM.png
John Young Paper Hat cropped edited part

Sometimes an image needs to be simplified to feature the subject, clearing out distracting random people and objects. We made this photo all about the family. Apologies for the privacy panel. We take the privacy of our clients seriously. 3 hours

Family 4 Hawaii promo image before.jpeg
Family 4 Hawaii edited b-w mar 10 promo

When your camera settings weren't quite right, a little editing greatly improves your photograph. Below you can see the composition improved with a level and lowered horizon, by removing random objects that take away from the scene and fixing the glare of over-exposure in the sunset. 1 hour

IMG_0232[1] promo before copy.JPG
IMG_0232Beach (1h) promo copy.jpg

Why Edit Your Photos and Restore Heritage Photos?


You have got some incredibly special memories featured in photos and it's time to celebrate those memories. If not now, when?


Improve the appearance of your photos by removing unnecessary distracting objects or people. 


Oh oh. It's a great shot of the gang, but not a couple anymore? No problem. Remove that person with photo editing and cherish the moment. See the example of the disappearing boyfriend in the video below!


Up the excitement in your photos by cropping them into interesting compositions that will wow your viewers.


Damaged heritage photos lose their details and appeal. When fixed you get to enjoy the history.


Save yourself time and effort, trying to edit the photos yourself. If your time has value get expert help.

Sometimes you just have to remove a whole person from the scene!

When a special family event is captured in a photograph the scene is frozen in time... Until now! You can still enjoy that photo after the break-up with photo editing. Click the video below and see the disappearing boyfriend. Wait for it...

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