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Kathleen  Potter is a creator and the arts have come quite naturally to her as she was heavily influenced by her creative upbringing and artistic mother. There was never any doubt that her passion would lie in the arts. Throughout her life, her creative outlets have included interior design, feng shui, jewellery design and fine art painting.

After recently retiring from her beloved, 23 year teaching career, Kathleen has found the opportunity to immerse herself fully into the arts. Now with the freedom of time, she has been able to tap into her inquisitive and spiritual nature. By experimenting with textures, colours and patterns, her desire is to create pieces  that evoke emotion and self reflection. There is a calming, yet colourful influence to much of her floral abstract work.

Kathleen's art has been featured in many exhibitions and galleries including, The Ethel Curry Gallery, The Kawartha Lakes ARt Council and The Wilno Craft Gallery.


Click on image for more details about the art. Optional payment plans available. Click here for details.

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