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Donna Wise is a Toronto-based artist who has exhibited throughout Canada and the United States. Her acrylic paintings are large, bold, fluid and full of energetic confidence. For a number of years, she was a docent at both the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum. By invitation, she was involved in art auctions for the Canadian Opera Company, National Ballet, Royal Ontario Museum and Baycrest Hospital.

Donna says 'for me painting is a visual language that ignites my curiosity and imagination - I paint for the sheer joy of it! My approach is both intuitive and experimental. Acrylic paint is the medium of choice as it allows me the freedom to watch as the story unfolds. Colour is the impetus combined with some unorthodox and playful tools like an assortment of brushes, scrapers, credit cards, rakes and rollers. Nature and the beauty of the surrounding world show me the possibility of pushing the envelope of artistic creation.'


Her artworks are inspired by her love of vivid colours - rainbow colours to symbolize both diversity and inclusion, they are about expression and movement inviting the viewer to take this mystical journey with me.


She continues 'I use layers of bold vivid colour full of confidence and energy, combined with intuitive marks that motivate the mind to experience a journey of imagination. There is a vocabulary of geometric shapes throughout, building repeated layers of material to express my belief in the underlying unity of everything in the universe, constantly searching for more effective methods of revealing the mystery within.'

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