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"I paint for love and passion. My work spans many different genres but is mostly about movement, colour and dynamics. Inspiration is everywhere and I love to work with the creative process. My favourite process is laying down a few lines and letting the painting emerge from the original strokes."

Kristyn's artistic studies have been ongoing for 18 years, beginning with a mentorship under Harry D. Wilkinson.  He taught Kristyn the discipline of painting, and opened her eyes to ‘seeing’.  In 2008 she completed an honours BFA specializing in visual art at York University.  During her time at school, she took on the more applied side of Art by starting her own Studio-Gallery in the quaint tourist town of Bayfield, Ontario Canada.  It is there that Kristyn spent her summers, teaching, painting, and selling her work.  Because of the touristic nature of the location, her work resides in collections all over Canada, USA, Australia, and many countries in Europe.

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