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Matt Jenkins is a Canadian photographer from Oakville Ontario. His photography focuses on wild landscapes and wildlife. Spending hours at a time in the outdoors in all conditions, Matt’s photography expresses nature as it appears without the impact of man. This is done with the intent of producing a simple image with the beauty of the subject easily portrayed without human influence.


From a young age Matt has always been fascinated with the camera and its ability to capture a moment in time. Today Matt utilizes the camera as a tool to regularly communicate the beauty sometimes forgotten or overlooked in the hustle of a busy life. His photos present to you quiet scenes that are intended to invite introspection.

Looking through a viewfinder has become more than just a passion for Matt; it has evolved into a responsibility. Recognizing some of the many threats to the environment, Matt’s photography has lead to him using his camera for numerous environmental projects including for the David Suzuki Foundation, Ontario Nature and the Halton Food Council. When not working on a project Matt enjoys adventure travel and has brought with his camera with him to capture special moments around the globe.

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