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SavvyArt Market is a boutique art studio and experience that hosts your art buying adventure. We find,
facilitate the purchase of, or create quality art from our roster of Canadian artists and beyond.

We curated these artists based on our philosophy of positivity, collaboration and adventure. 

Why Buy From SavvyArt Market?

"I recently purchase an oil painting from Karen... She spoke to the artist for me to get more background information on the motivation for the painting, which I really appreciated. Karen is pleasant and has a no pressure approach. You can tell that she knows, appreciates and loves art. I would recommend Karen and Savvy Art Market to anyone wishing to get some art into their life!"           

                                                  ~ Diane, ON.

"Karen has and is still helping me find art and most importantly suggest a spot to display them in my small condo."                                                                                ~ Yuksel, ON.

"Thank you so much! I really look forward to the delivery tomorrow! Thank you for being so kind, efficient, and personable!"                                                                    ~ Kate, N.J

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What is original art? Original art is any item or object that is conceived and produced by an artist, whether they do the work themselves or supervise others to complete their vision or concept.

How is a print different than a reproduction? Reproductions are usually mass-producted artworks, like posters, although paper quality and variety has improved. The artist who created the image may or may not be involved in the process of their artwork being replicated. There are several different kinds of art prints, including lithographs, serigraphs, giclees, wood cuts, etc., that are composed and their production closely managed by the artist. The quantities of art prints produced are usually limited. Art prints are usually more expensive than reproductions. Both terms have been misused for years confusing the public. You would buy art prints at a gallery usually. Reproductions are usually sold more widely, depending on quality, from big box stores to higher end art sources. Reproductions are often mistakenly called prints. Unfortunately, art prints is now a catch-all term used by the public to describe all wall artwork that isn't original.

Originals vs. Reproductions? These two types or artworks are opposites. Originals are one-of-a-kind and priced higher to compensate the artist for having only one opportunity to make money on that artwork. Reproductions are mass-produced copies of art, priced lower due to large supply and repeated use of the same image.

Original vs. Art Prints? Generally originals are one-of-a-kind and art prints are limited number of multiples of an original design, however the lines between the two can be blurred. Technically an artist can choose to produce only one art print, in lithography or serigraphy process, creating a one-of-a-kind artwork. But often a limited series of the same art print is produced for a few reasons. Occassionally artists may copy their own original in a different size to please a buyer's request. The two may look similar, but they would never be exactly the same. Originals tend to cost more than art prints, but it depends on the artist, size and market.

Where to buy original art? Search on your browser for original art near me. Your local community galleries and art associations are the best places to look for art. If you are not finding sizes and styles to fit search on SavvyArt Market for original Canadian art from talented artists across Canada. Still can't find what you want. Reach out on our contact page. Our art experts can help you find what you want.

Can you negotiate the price for art? Negotiating the asking price for art is a sensitive topic to art sellers and artists. Buyers who begin their conversation with the request to bargain a price are rude and will find themselves rejected. Selling art is how artists and sellers make a living so consider this before you ask for a discount. If your boss asked you to work the next two days for 25% less pay, would you do it? Probably not. So why should the artist sell for a discounted price just because you asked? Pricing art is complex in which market factors, artist reputation, skills, talent, experience, position and popularity are carefully factored together to set a price. Art prices have very little to do with how long it took the artist to paint a particular artwork. The only time an artist or art seller will entertain price negotiations is if they are clearing out inventory, having a sale on their terms to entice interest, if you have purchased several artworks from them in the past, are buying multiple pieces at one time, or are trading something they believe is valuable.

How long does it take an artist to paint? Even if the artist draws a simple design on a page, their training and hours of practice over years, possibly decades, factors in to how quickly they produce an artwork. Often the ideation stage, when they are formulating the artwork in their head, can take days, weeks, months or years. So when you ask the question, "How long did it take you to paint this art?" the answer is complicated and possibly unanswerable. The time spent to create an artwork is a very small factor involved in pricing the artwork.

Why buy original art? Decide to buy original art to bring positive joy and presence into your home and workspace. A part of the artist's soul is included in an original artwork. Original art adds an atmosphere in your space, reflecting the style and energy of the artwork itself. It is a conversation starter and perfect for children to stimulate their brains with imagination and colour.

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