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Desire 2

Desire 2

In my creative endeavor, I embarked on a fusion of a vase and incense, capturing their distinct qualities while accentuating the graceful flow. By melding the solid form of the vase with the translucence essence of the incense, I sought to highlight the harmonious interplay between the two elements. The retained color of the vase served as a striking contrast, emphasizing the fluidity and movement of the incense. This unique combination allowed me to create a visual composition that showcased the dynamic beauty of both objects, resulting in a captivating depiction that celebrates their individuality while celebrating their cohesive flow.Creating limited editions adds an element of exclusivity and uniqueness to the photographs, making them even more special and finishing it with a Acrylic finish ready to hang.

All images 30x40". Metallic print with acrylic sheet finish, ready to hang. Limited edition of 10. 10 business days to produce.

More art from Wayne Fisher.


Type: Limited Edition
Shape: Rectangle
Orientation: Vertical, Horizontal
Style: Abstract, Photography, Black and White
Colour: Black, White

Texture: (0 - None to 5 - Heavy) : 0

Shipping Details: We ship worldwide. Shipping charges are extra, starting at ONE CENT. For destinations in common mainland Canada and USA for small artworks up to 800 square inches (for example up to 20" x 40" or 26" x 30") the cost is only ONE CENT (wahoo!). For all other destinations and artworks larger than 800 square inches the shipping charges are calculated in the shopping cart once you have provided your address. For detailed shipping information, click here or feel free to contact us directly here.

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