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StillMotion Art

StillMotion Art

Still Motion Art is a personalized piece of art for your wall.


Price is per piece.

Each piece includes a 3/4” satin black wood box frame with acid free white mat, 2 mil regular glass and hanging hardware on the back. 

Email your image(s) with your name in the subject line to:


Shipping is included to mainland Canada and USA, excluding remote locations. Shipping quotations provided upon request.


Please specify which type of Still Motion Art you would like below and please note:


A GOOD IMAGE: A good image should include the following components: all the hands, feet (paws) and all body parts of a single subject are clearly shown in full view with no obstructions covering those parts; any applicable equipment that should be included in the scene is as close as possible to the body and fully in view with no missing or obstructed aspects; for multiple subjects in one image have feet and heads clearly shown within the border of the shot; a minimum of 72 dpi resolution - ideally over 100 is preferred; a digital file at least 50 KB or 2000 x 2000 pixels in size; and most importantly the subject(s) is/are in focus - whatever is not in focus will turn out less sharp for posterized style. Often the silhouette style is better for lower quality images. Obstructions like grass or water may be unavoidable so can be included; which can be interesting to include, turning the piece from a single silhouette of a figure(s) to a scene. Mitts, gloves, skates, boots, hats, helmets or other equipment worn or rode are acceptable. More than one subject may be included in the image; see pricing chart. You will be contacted if there are any concerns about your image file quality or other specific issues. Preferred file formats are: jpg, png, eps, tiff or psd. If you are not sure, please send the file in so it can be assessed.

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