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Jasmine Virginia is an Oakville based mixed media artist who followed the promptings of a lucid dream that was clear in it’s message to start creating light based art. Her work blends upscale materials such as semi- precious stones, mother of pearl and crystals with recycled jewelry components unearthed in antique jewelry stores and second-hand shops to create high-end, up-cycled chic; dynamic, light-reflective art that is deeply rich in both texture and colour.

Her work has often been described as sparkling sculpture on canvas. She believes art should be a multi sensory experience accessible to all and often times encourages people to reach out and touch the texture of the art.The intention behind each piece is to bring peace, joy and healing into manifest space for a transformative experience that reminds us of our own dynamic light nature. 

Click on image for more details about the art. Optional payment plans available. Click here for details.

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