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Rachel Natalie


A Montreal-born Toronto-based artist of Trinidadian descent, I love portraiture, capturing the essence of my subjects with my paintbrush. Generally my subject focus is people, however I also paint animals, landscapes and concepts.


I have created work for a diverse clientele, including CBC Media in Toronto, and my work has been shown at the Royal Ontario Museum, at Cheri in Harlem NY, and on the television series The Divide.


My culture and experiences definitely influence my work, however it is mostly my love of music that is reflected in my art, whether the piece depicts a music artist, how a song looks to me, a live music experience, or is titled after a song.


A song, even just a melody, can move and can be felt, can tell a story, can stir the soul. This is what I aim for with my pieces, so that they are felt and experienced as well as seen.

I use deep, warm, earthy, cool, bold colours in my work. I add texture here and there. I light it up with iridescence.


Every brushstroke comes from my heart to create a piece that I hope will reach yours. In the words of music artist Yasiin Bey, “I hope you feel me, from where I am, to wherever you are. I mean that sincerely.”

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