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Anatomy Of A Rose

Anatomy Of A Rose

Anatomy Of A Rose is another beautiful piece where the unfolding of womanhood is ever present. A heavily textured piece with clean lines and bright colours. 


One of the themes that I have been focusing on is growth. We all know that growth can be challenging but there are good things on the other side.Head Full of Petals and Anatomy of a Rose are about the good things that are on the other side of the discomfort and challenges of growth. Growth changes and challenges us and fill the mind with new thoughts, giving us more confidence and focus.. Head Full of Petals is about how our dreams can be bolstered by our growth. We can discover new worlds within ourselves. We will see that where we can go has no boundaries. Growth can fill us with endless possibilities - giving us a head full of petals (a head full of dreams) Anatomy of a Rose is saying that taking the time to celebrate and bask in our progress will allow us the opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come. And possibly see the road ahead of us to all the other places that we want to go.

Acrylic mixed media on 1.5" canvas.

More art from Sheryl Keen.

Type: Original
Shape: Rectangle
Orientation: Vertical, Horizontal
Style: Abstract, Figurative
Colour: Pink, Black, Green, Grey

Texture: (0 - None to 5 - Heavy) : 5

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